The food, the bath and the bubbly

An intro into the relaxing side of Reykjavik. Geothermal baths, restaurants and champagne.
September 13, 2019
Carlos Prieto Casquero

Icelandic nature is one of the main reasons if not the main reason for most of our visitors.

Most people do not necessarily think about food when coming to Iceland. Even more, many try to save the mos ton food due to the relatively high prices of food in Iceland. That is a pity,even though small and with rude climate the island has a lot of fresh food to offer.

The Lamb is worth a try, even if you usually do not like it. Many visitors are skeptic about it since they have not tried the Icelandic lamb. It is much fresher than in most countries making it worth at least a try. May it be the traditional lambalæri, the leg which can be a real delicacy if prepared right; or the more economic version in the traditional Meat Soup. For the leg you can try restaurants such as Lækjarbrekkain the center. For the soup you can make it part of your golden circle tour and try it at Gullfoss.

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The fish is also usually fresh, so going to a restaurant you can opt for the fish or catch of the day, which is as fresh as it gets. Especially the restaurants by the harbour offer a variety of fresh fish. Of course, while you are at it you can go for the cured shark, we recommend the Icelandic Snaps “brennivín” to go with it.

After such a strong meal you can either go for a walk or enjoy a bath in one of many geothermal pools Reykjavik has to offer. The geothermal water makes sure you also have warm water in the wintertime and do not get cold. Depending on where in Reykjavik you are staying you have to check where to go. The biggest pool is Laugardalslaug in Laugardalur valley with a variety of hot and hotter pools. In the west of Reykjavik just a stone throw from  Hotel Saga you have Vesturbæjarlaug which loosely translates to the “west side swimming pool”. Behind Hallgrimskirkja church you find Sundhöllin, the swimming hall, which is mainly indoors but also offers the chance to bathe outside.

As for the bubbly we recommend taking a walk down Laugarvegur the main shopping street. Even if your drink is not bubbly you may be after a great day in Iceland with lifted spirit.



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