Vesturbæjarlaug is famous for it´s sauna. There are 2 saunas, each for male visitors and female. Apart from that you have great selection of hot tubs and a great steam bath. A newly built hot tub with a whirlpool feature in one half. A nice relaxing pool just in front of the main hot tub. The old hot tubs are classic meeting point for locals and especially well known artists such as Björk, members of Sigur Rós amongst others.  The main pool consist of a smaller pool and a bigger one for swimming purposes. The pool was the first in Iceland to offer a sauna and it´s often said that the sauna was a meeting point for gay people in Iceland, before being gay was accepted in the Icelandic society. Vesturbæjarlaug is located in the western part of the city center and has a legendary hot dog stand next to it and also a newly opened local "hipster" café called Café Vest.

What is lacking:
A proper water slide for the kids

Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday: 06.30 - 22.00
Fridays: 06.30 - 20.00
Saturdays - Sundays: 09.00 - 18.00

+354 411 5150
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