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Travel Reykjavik is a webpage for individual travellers run by Snæland Travel. Snæland Travel was founded over 70 years ago and has plenty of local expertise and know-how in Iceland. Initially founded as a bus company it has evolved into a tour operator running tours with its own busses.
It is still managed and owned by the same family that founded the company in 1945.​

On Travel Reykjavik we give you the chance to book a large variety of tours in Iceland. You can book scheduled day trips where you join a group which is usually very cost effective. You can also join us for our longer tours which include accommodation and more services such as visits and entrance fees. Last but not least you can book our private tours where you get your own driver guide and vehicle. Like this you can discover Iceland at your own pace.

With our background and experience we understand how difficult it can be to book the right tour for you. We have also put together some special packages which include some of the most popular day tours. Like this you cover multiple tours with one booking, leaving you enough time to enjoy Reykjavik on your own or join more excursions.

What suits one traveller may not be ideal for another one. So do not hesitate to drop us a line in case of any questions. Our objective is to help you in having the trip of a lifetime which you hopefully will remember forever.
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Coach Operation Director and Owner
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Director of Travel Agency
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