Cruise Ships in the Midnight Sun of Iceland

The earliest we start to see The Northern Lights is usually around the middle of August .
December 4, 2019
Kári Gunnlaugsson

When arriving in Iceland by Cruise Ship and in particular The Port of Reykjavik it is a good idea to make sure you know whether it is a season of The Midnight Sun or The Northern Lights and perhaps make your sightseeing choices based on that. 

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The bright months of the midnight sun are basically May, June and July or the 5-6 weeks before and after the summer solstice. This is a favorite time of the locals. People feel full of energy and often describe a sensation of having woken up from the winter slumber ready to take on anything including this countries rugged mountains and 24 hour parties. Nature is also buzzing with activity. This is the season for the millions of migrating birds that come to Iceland to nest during the summer months. Puffins, arctic terns, pink-footed geese, singing swans and dozens of other types of birds fill the air with songs celebrating life. This is also a great time to go whale watching in Iceland since the sea is full of nutrition drawing various species of whale. In Faxi Bay, around Reykjavik, mink whales, dolphins, humpbacks, blue whales, killer whales and others make their appearance here quite frequently and some actually spend the the winter in these waters. This is also a great time to do the classic tours and experiencing the amazing and otherworldly landscape of Iceland at any hour since it is always light out. On The Golden Circle seeing the erupting geyser and the Geysir Hot Spring Area glow in the midnight sun is absolutely magical and Gullfoss Waterfall is just breathtaking and seeing the glaciers glowing in that light is just out of this world.


The earliest we start to see The Northern Lights is usually around the middle of August although this of course depends on aurora activity and the weather in general. But although the nights are still short they are still long and dark enough for those echoes of the sun to illuminate the starry dome with their dances. Just remember it is all about being the right place at the right time i.e. aurora activity and a clear dark sky.


Iceland is a place that offers versatile experiences and can show many different face seven on the same day. The ever changing weather and the extraterrestrial landscape make sure that there is something new every step of the way.

Prior to coming to the Port of Reykjavik it might be a good idea to acquire the services of such experts as PrivateDriver to plan your visit and adapt it to your time frame so that your experience can be maximized, hopefully including waterfalls, hot springs and volcanoes in the amazing light of the midnight sun.

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