Selfoss: Operation South Coast

Selfoss is about 45-minute drive east of Reykjavik and is situated right on the crossroads between the Golden Circle and the South Coast
November 10, 2017
Kári Gunnlaugsson

Selfoss is about 45-minute drive east of Reykjavik and is situated right on the crossroads between the Golden Circle and the South Coast. So, if you are planning to spend a few days exploring a bit of Iceland and maybe hunting for some northern lights this town is a great alternative to staying in the city. You are less than an hour away from either Gullfoss waterfall and the Great Geysir hot spring area to the north. Also the black sand beaches and glaciers to the east are not far. 

Strokkur Erupting
Strokkur erupting

The town offers a variety of accommodation of which the highlight is without doubt Hotel Selfoss. It is perfectly located on the banks of Ölfusá river right next to the great bridge. Also offering comfortable rooms, the lovely Riverside restaurant, as well as a spa and a well-stocked bar. Just across the street is a supermarket for your daily dose of rotten shark and pickled ram´s balls, as well as a pharmacy for your immodium and ibuprofen. 

For fine dining suggestions Tryggvaskáli Restaurant has been gaining a well-earned reputation as a culinary destination.  There are also several other options for a good meal, for example Kaffi Krús for Italian and burgers and Yellow for vegan and organic. For other alternatives there is the acme of western civilization Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) which is conveniently located next to the N1 gas station. And behind those lies Vinbúðin (the liquor store). 

Another local attraction well worth checking out is the geothermal swimming pool with its Jacuzzis and steam baths. A wonderful place to soak yourself in healing glacial and volcanic waters with a good chance to wash away all your sins (it´s only open 15 hours per day though).

Chess legend and former world champion Bobby Fischer lived out the last days of his colourful life in this town. On the main road there is also a small museum dedicated to him. He is also buried in a cemetery close by. 

Sadly, the tattoo parlour in town. which had an entire website dedicated to the mistakes they had made through the years, has closed its doors to the public.


Þorvaldseyri is based just underneath Eyjafjallajökull

All in all, Selfoss is a fine base of operations if you are visiting this part of country. Also if you are aiming for destinations such as Þingvellir, Eyjafjallajökull and Vik as well as the above mentioned. Also, it´s a great location if the northern lights are on your agenda. Since it´s easy to navigate in any direction depending on the cloud forecast to try to find that ever so important clear sky. Under a clear you can wait with your fingers crossed for lady aurora to swing her skirts and do the dance of all dances.

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