Cruise Excursions from Reykjavik Harbour

When travelling by cruise ship your cruise line is likely to offer you their own excursions. These will usually try to cover top attractions during a day tour with a local guide. During such a guided tour starting from the city of Reykjavik you have a few options depending on the length of your stay. Such a short visit does not give you a lot of time to explore Iceland, but you can try to make the most of it. A private tour is a very personal way to learn more while using your time perfectly. If you hire your own driver and vehicle for a tour from Reykjavik you get the most out of your short visit. Many ships arrive to Reykjavik harbour in the morning staying until the evening. In such cases most people chose to do the Iceland golden circle day tour. It consists of thingvellir national park, gullfoss waterfall and the geysir geothermal area. A shorter Reykjavik shore excursion is a visit to the blue lagoon which we offer as a private tour here.When arriving in Reykjavik you usually have three option for arrival: The old harbour next to harpa concert hall form where also most whale watching excursions start. Skarfabakki, the main cruise terminal where bigger ships arrive. Sundabakki which is only used when multiple ships arrive in one day and Skarfabakki is at full cacpacity. We offer pick up from all three locations

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