Perlan which is Icelandic and means “the pearl” is another major landmark of Reykjavik. It gets its name from the glass sphere which is placed on top of the five cylinders which were previously used to store the cities hot water. Located on a hill it offer a great view over the city from the panoramic deck which goes all around. The price to get to or outside and on the deck is 490 ISK per adult.

Recently a glacier expo opened in the ground floor. Here you can learn more and educate yourself about glaciers in Iceland but also in general. The top floor used to be a restaurant which turns around and allowed you to get a 360° view of Reykjavik while having a meal. You also still have the chance of course to have a snack during your visit.

They will soon ad more exhibitions like a planetarium.

You can get to perlan either by foot from the center or take one of the free shuttle busses they offer from Harpa concert hall. The shuttle departs every 30 minutes and does not require any booking.


Private City Tour

Private City Tour
Let your driver show you Hallgrimskirkja, Harpa, the pearl and more iconic landmarks of our capital.
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