Grill Market

At the heart of the culinary experience that is the Grillmarket is Iceland´s pristine nature. A close working collaboration with dedicated local farmers guarantees the very best in local produce and allows us to create a menu which is a magical fusion of tradition and modern cuisine. Just some of the local products that feature on the menu are lamb, beef, trout, quail, skyr and honey. 

At the Grillmarket their aim is to work closely with local farmers. They buy most of their  produce directly from the farm. The farmers tell them what’s in season, then they cook the product in their own special way and the customer gets to enjoy the end result. Through their cooking they strive to highlight the origin of each product while using fire, smoke, fire logs and coal. The outcome is an unexpected and exciting culinary treat for our customers where our Icelandic heritage and the modern age meet. 

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