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The Prime Golden Circle

Visit Gullfoss, Geysir and Thingvellir for a very special price. The offer is only available on Saturdays and has limited seats.

8 hours

Saturday 09:00 with pick up starting at 08:30


English and Scandinavian languages

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What they say about this tour

Just amazing!

It was really interesting and really beautiful, we did a tour of Iceland about 8 hours which allowed us to see a lot of wonderful landscapes and our driver was great !!! Thank you very much

April 6, 2018
A Great Company

Chose this company after reading reviews and we were not disappointed. The Golden Circle in Reykjavik was just fantastic with a knowledgeable guide. The cost was considerably a lot cheaper than from the cruise ship and we had a great day. Still cannot understand how cruise ships warrant charging the high prices that they do.

Linda A
April 13, 2018
Golden Circle tour

Hello, we were very satisfied with the tour and especially with the friendly guide Frederik who has great knowledge and provided us a very joyable day.It was a very interresting day.

Wim & Cathy
March 14, 2018
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Day Tours

The Prime Golden Circle

Join us on Iceland´s most popular day tour; the golden circle. The golden circle consists of Thingvellir, geyser and Gullfoss and takes about 8 hours. permit us to show you Thingvellir where you can walk between the continental plates. Witness a powerful geyser that shoots up into the air every five minutes in the Haukdalur area. And experience the magnificent golden waterfalls known as Gullfoss. Become educated on the wonders of Iceland in English or in Scandinavian languages.

Our guide will pick you up half an hour before departure, or between 08:30 and 09:00 am. We start by heading out east and visit the historical Thingvellir National Park. Here the parliament of Iceland was founded in 930 AD. This makes it the world´s oldest still acting parliament. Here you have a chance to explore a canyon that is literally located between the European and American continents. Thingvellir is the true pride of all Icelanders, and its beauty will surely leave you speechless. Due to this it has been made s national park to preserve its beauty. Next, we drive further into the highlands and visit the geothermal park of Geysir. Here you can witness the geyser "Strokkur" spout towers of hot boiling water into the air. The area has small hot springs bubbling peacefully along the pathway. Finally, we visit the amazing golden waterfalls of Gullfoss, one of the iconic waterfalls of Iceland. The waterfall is part of Hvitá river and plunges down in two steps over a total height of 32 meters.

At the end of the day we drop you off back in Reykjavik where you can enjoy and relax after an exciting day.

In the case that your desired date is not bookable online please contact us and we will try to accommodate you.


  • Bus fare
  • Guided tour by a friendly and professional guide
  • Pick up is up to 30 minutes before departure

Tips and Trivia

  • Be sure to bring warm clothes as the weather may be colder inland than in Reykjavik.
  • Please stay on the paths for your own safety.
  • At Thingvellir you can walk between the American and European continents.
  • Did you know that the word "geyser" originates from the Icelandic Geysir?
  • Check out our Bus Stops in Reykjavík page to find out about pickup in the city center.

Additional Information

Food can be purchased at some of the stops but we always recommend to bring something to drink and snacks. Free cancellation per email possible up to 24 hours prior to the tour.



The entire area is very active and you will see a lot of water right next to your path. For your own safety be careful since the water is usually boiling hot. While the old Geysir is inactive, Strokkur, which is also located in the Geysir hot spring area spouts every 5-10 minutes, with the water reaching about 15-20 meters from the ground. So have your camera ready when strokkur erupts. The old Geysir was apparently able to reach up to 170 meters, but research done in 1846 showed that it reached about 50 meters, which still is very impressive.


Þingvellir national park has a geological significance, since you can see the Eurasian and American plate meet here. For now this only allows us to walk between the continental plates by going down Almannagjá canyon. Once you have made your way down you can find Thingvellir church ( "Þingvallakirkjan") and the cemetery of Thingvellir. If you continue walking you get to Silfra rift . The rift is part of Thingvellir lake ( "Þingvallavatn") which is Iceland´s largest natural lake with a surface of 84 km² and it is up to 114 meters deep.


The Gullfoss waterfalls, or golden waterfalls at the edge of the highlands where Hvitá river plunges down 32 meters in two steps. At Gullfoss you find two parking lots on different levels. One up high which gives you a very good overview over the waterfall. Up there you also find the Gullfoss service area, with a restaurant and cafe where you can also purchase souvenirs. From there you have a few paths bringing you closer to the waterfall and also stairs to the lower plateau. At the lower parking lot you have a different view which is not less impressive. If you have time you should read the information boards.


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Small car

Perfect for two travellers and two bags. Accommodates up to 5 passengers and two bags.

Medium car

These vehicles are Ideal for families. Being both Comfortable and economic they are nice to drive. Accommodates up to 5 passengers and 4 bags.

Large car

SUVs can be better in snowy or icy conditions due to their 4 wheel drive. The size provided by us accommodates up to 5 passengers and 3 Bags.

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