The Lava Tunnel - Raufarholshellir

The Lava Tunnel Raufarholshellir is a lava tube situated in the vast lava fields of Hellisheidi, roughly 30 minutes drive from downtown Reykjavik and about 10 minutes drive for Hellisheidi Power Plant, and it is one of the more amazing natural experiences that can be enjoyed during a day tour out from the city.

The lava tube was formed during a volcanic eruption about 5200 years ago and is an amazing monument to this most terrifying of natural phenomena. The fact that you are actually walking inside a pathway created by melted magma destroying anything and everything in its wake including the earth itself is just mind-blowing. The colours and shapes in and on the walls are fascinating and there is a strong perception of being a part of the earth’s crust in an ever-changing geological environment where anything can happen.

Of course there has not been an eruption here for a very long time and despite a little seismic activity it is quite save and the guides know what they are doing. The journey into this long cave has been made easier by creating a walkway with stairs and rails which you will be thankful for during the excursion. They do a few different tours which can be anything from peak and an introduction to a few hours voyage of exploration and discovery into this subterranean world of magic.


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