Langjökull Glacier

Langjökull is the second largest glacier in Iceland after Vatnajökull glacier in the south east.  It has an area of 953 km2  and is up to 580 m thick. The name translates as „long glacier“ a name it gets from it´s form.

Langjökull is located in central Iceland and is usually accessible from two directions. People access it from the east for snowmobiling tours and other glacier activity. The east access is nearby Gullfoss waterfall and therefore chosen to be included in the golden circle day tour

From the west it is accessed in tours which focus on west Iceland both with super jeeps and snowmobiles. Also from the west you can access the ice tunnel which opened a few years ago and has become one of Iceland´s main attractions.

In winter you need special vehicles to get to the glacier since the roads leading to Langjökull are non paved mountain roads. The road to the east is called Kjölur and starts close to Gullfoss waterfall and leads North across the country and is the shortest but maybe not the fastest way to Akureyri. With a length of 168 km it is for which you should calculate to take about 5 hours by car. As mentioned earlier the road is not paved and there may be obstacles on the way. It is a spectacular road since it makes its way between two glaciers, Langjökull and Hofsjökull glacier ( which happens the third largest glacier in Iceland).

West of Langjökull you can take Kaldidalur road which starts in Þingvellir and drives North to Húsafell a popular Stop during tours in the west of Iceland. It is only 40 kilometers long but have in mind that the speed is much lower than on paved roads. Please aware that rental car companies still ban some customers ( those not having a 4X4) and some all customers from using mountain roads.

The glacier has a lot going on beneath. It has been shown and proven that large amounts of water from Langjökull glacier flow to Þingvallavatn. Iceland´s largest lake. Also Deildartunguhver Europe´s highest flow hot spring gets its water from Langjökull glacier.  There are as well at least two volcanic systems underneath the glacier. The most famous one being Hveravellir which has a hot spring are east of the glacier.


The Golden Circle on the Rocks

The Golden Circle on the Rocks
Visit Gullfoss, Geysir and drive on a glacier with your own driver guide and superjeep.
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