Landmannalaugar is often called the pearl of the highlands and is only visited regularly during the summer. Since then is the time when the mountain roads leading there are passable. The roads are not paved and a challenge for most drivers. During winter only few dare to take on the adventure to get there with a super jeep. Still it is not allowed for regular cars but only cars with four wheel drive and so called mountain busses. The latest when reaching Landmannalaugar you will know why. There you will find one last river to cross before reaching the pearl of the highlands.

It is a very popular destination for hikers since it is the beginning, or ending, of the famous Laugavegur hiking trail. It is also worth a visit if you are not a big hiker. The hiking trail is 55 kilometres long and ends in Þórsmörk. The hike is usually done in 3-5 days staying in huts along the way. For those who are in a hurry there is also a race for runners with the best times being just under 4 hours. This is amazing taking into account that these is a trail which goes up and down and is not paved. From Þórsmörk you can go on and take the Fimmvörðuháls route which is 22 kilometres long and ends at Skógafoss waterfall. In case you do not want to exhaust yourself and hike you can spend your time enjoying the landscape whilst relaxing in the natural pool.

A service station and a small store installed in an old bus ensure that you can enjoy some comfort whilst in the middle of nowhere. The old American school bus from the 70s turned store sells food, beverages and also camping equipment. You also find a big hut where you can stay with your sleeping bag which offers accommodation for up to 75 people. And there is of course there is the option to camp in a tent as you can see on the picture above.

The highlands are a very remote and unique area of Iceland. With the rise of tourism in Iceland over the last years they have also encountered a big increase in visitors. Because of this it is important that all visitors respect the environment. For this it is very important to stay on the paths. The moss or plants you may step on could take many years to recover from one person stepping on them. On top of that please do not throw any garbage on the ground but take anything you may need to get rid of with you. At the service area you find plenty of garbage disposals you can use.


Private Landmannalaugar Superjeep Exploration

Private Landmannalaugar Superjeep Exploration
Discover the pearl of the highlands with your own driver and superjeep.
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