Deildartunguhver is Europe´s highest flowing hot spring with 180 liters per second. The name hot spring is more than deserved with the water emerging at stunning 97°C.

The water is partially used to heat the nearby cities of Borgarnes and Akranes. But also the hot spring itself is worth a visit. These visits are usually done in combination with other attractions in west Iceland. These usually are Hraunfossar waterfalls, the lava waterfalls and Barnafoss the children´s waterfall. In recent years to these attraction the ice tunnel in Langjökull glacier has been added as a main attraction in the west of Iceland. But also the cave Viðgelmir is worth a visit being one of the biggest Lava caves in the world.

Being only 1,5 hours away from Reykjavik Deildartunguhver and the area are perfect for a day trip from Reykjavik.

But also the way to west is an attraction especially if you decide to drive around Hvalfjörður (the whale fjord).  You will get a wonderful and scenic drive along the coastline around a beautiful fjord. On the north side of the fjord you also find a small store which also is the home to a small museum about whales since there is a whaling station in the Fjord.


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