Hótel Selfoss

Hótel Selfoss is located in the south and close to the pearls of the golden circle.

The Hotel´s Riverside restaurant delivers a superb dining experience in one of Iceland’s most celebrated buildings. The dining room is elegantly decorated in low key soft leather gear. This is completed by a relaxing lounge/bar area and an inviting open fire place.

The Riverside restaurant prides itself on its artistic cuisine. All dishes are prepared using only the finest in fresh, local produce. The Riverside Spa at Hótel Selfoss is a richly equipped spa area. It features a steam room, sauna, hot pool, rainwater showers, relaxation room, lounge and bar. It is designed and set up in sense of Icelandic nature and the theme of ice and fire.

Riverside Restaurant

Elegant restaurant located at the hotel that offers quality ingredients. The restaurant works with local fishermen and farmers who provide fresh ingredients. The dining room has a relaxing lounge, bar and a beautiful open fire place.

Riverside Spa

The spa has a warm ambience inspired by Icelandic nature. Fire, ice, steam, water and the Northern Lights are integrated into the experience. Classic Icelandic steam bath, sauna and relaxation showers. A charming Jacuzzi with a Northern Lights theme integrated into the experience. Its cosy chairs and candles make this even more relaxing. Also a massage services are available with variety of treatments included.

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Tours including this accommodation

Winter Wonder & Northern Lights

Winter Wonder & Northern Lights
Bathe in geothermal spas, visit an ice cave, the golden circle, south Iceland in winter and hunt for northern lights

Wellness, Eishöhle & Nordlichter

Wellness, Eishöhle & Nordlichter
Besuchen sie den goldenen Kreis, eine Eishöhle und erleben die Nordlichter


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